About Us

Jenna Teti CPDT-KA, PMCT-1 - Owner & Head Trainer at Think Smart Dog Training LLC, Snuffle Mat Maker  

Jenna Teti is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who has loved animals her entire life (her first word was woof!) Jenna helps humans learn more about their canine companions to promote a happier and healthier coexistence. While Jenna works with her clients to teach their dogs basic skills and work through behavior issues, she also hopes to help people embrace their dog's "dogginess" and appreciate the species for what they are. This includes helping clients provide species-appropriate enrichment and mental-stimulation (using toys like snuffle mats) to keep their pups happy. After being dissatisfied with other snuffle mats on the market, she decided to make her own. Jenna's other passions include photography, traveling and exploring, fostering kittens, and donuts (particularly eating them).  

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Reuben Teti - Head Dog at Think Smart Dog Training LLC, Snuffle Mat Tester  

Reuben Teti is a Human Trainer who has loved people his entire life. Reuben came into Jenna's life shortly after she began her career as a trainer. He has taught her a lot about canine behavior and training, but particularly the importance of providing mental stimulation for dogs. Reuben has a lot of energy (he is jokingly referred to as a border collie in a Frenchie body) but possessing a short snout can make outdoor exercise difficult (and sometimes impossible), particularly in the heat of the summer months. In order to keep him happy and prevent him from pursuing his own creative ways to pass the time **cough cough for example stealing the toilet paper and leaving a "paper trail" throughout the house cough cough**, Jenna quickly acquired a collection of enrichment and puzzle toys, including snuffle mats, to keep her best buddy entertained and give him appropriate outlets for his energy. Reuben's other passions include hiking in cooler weather, impersonating a hippopotamus in shallow water, kittens, and cheerios (particularly eating them).