Jenna Teti - Owner & Maker

Hi! I'm Jenna, your product producer - every item you see in the shop is made with my two hands! I am a multi-certified dog trainer and behavior consultant and own Think Smart Dog Training LLC. In my training practice, I recommended snuffle mats to my training clients and used them with my own dog, but none of them were...*ahem*...up to snuff. Disappointed with the quality of the snuffle mats on the market, I set out to make my own durable, extra dense, snuffle mats and Think Smart Pets was born! Since then, I've added other products to the line up, all of which are items I use with my training clients and used with my own late dog Reuben.

When I'm not busy training or creating, I can be found rock climbing, hiking, or with my nose in a book. I also used to be a professional photographer and you can see my work at



My best friend and sidekick Reuben crossed the rainbow bridge on July 14th, 2023. He was the Toto to my Dorothy and our journey was one I am so glad we traveled together. Reuben came into my life when I was contemplating a career as a trainer and inspired me to finally take the plunge. He taught me and so many others about all aspects of training and behavior and his silly, sweet, and sometimes mischievous personality brought the humans in his life an immense amount of joy. Though my best friend and constant companion of ten years is no longer with us, Think Smart Pets continues on in his memory hoping to bring that joy and happiness to dogs and their people through our products.