First things first...what is a snuffle mat?

A snuffle mat is an enrichment toy that taps into your dog's natural foraging skills by sniffing and searching for treats or kibble that you place in the mat. Dogs have some pretty powerful sniffers (ten thousand times better than ours!) and using that sniffer can be incredibly beneficial for your canine companion. This activity provides species-appropriate enrichment, can reduce stress/anxiety, is fun, and can be surprisingly tiring for your canine companion!

Can I wash my snuffle mat? 

Snuffle mats are machine washable We recommend rolling it up and tying it with a piece of twine/string etc. to protect the inside of your machine and to open up the strands of fleece for a deep wash. Wash on the gentle/delicate cycle in cold water and air dry.

Always use the mildest detergent possible. Never ever use bleach.

You can also dry your snuffle mat in the dryer on the LOWEST setting or air dry it.

How do I use my Snuffle Mat? 

Snuffle Mats are a piece of cake to use! You can use your dog's kibble or a similarly sized hard, crunchy, treat. If your dog is new to using a snuffle mat, you can make it easy in the beginning by just placing treats on top of the mat to create an association of "oh, wow, this crazy looking thing always seems to have goodies on it!" and then you can gradually push the treats deeper into the mat when you fill it as they get the hang of it. When your dog is finished snuffling, pick up the mat and put it away. This will prevent the dog from destroying the mat to find "phantom" goodies and will keep the mat exciting and special for them. 

When do I use a Snuffle Mat? 

You can use your snuffle mat:

- For meal time (if your dog eats kibble) to give them added mental stimulation. Have a dog that wolfs down their food? Eating from their snuffle mat will help them hit the brakes!

- On days when the weather is just not cooperating and there's a minimal opportunity for outdoor exercise. 

- If your dog is stressed in new or specific environments, bring that snuffle mat along (it's portable, woohoo!) and allow your dog to snuffle to help them adjust and relax in that environment.

- If your dog is recovering from a surgery/injury and is on restricted exercise.

- When you need a little "me time" - give them an appropriate activity to do so they don't find an inappropriate one on their own!

- Whenever you like! Dogs can always benefit from participating in foraging activities. 

My dog destroys toys, will they tear up their snuffle mat? 

We can't guarantee they won't, but we have found that most dogs are more interested in eating the food than the fleece. Starting slow with the food on top and gradually putting it deeper into the mat can be helpful as can picking up the mat when your dog is finished snuffling. 

My dog Reuben only interacts with toys by destroying them. He can get a hole in an "indestructible" toy in about 2 minutes. He has had his snuffle mat for years and has yet to do any damage to it. 

What is biothane? 

Biothane is a coated webbing product. It is a vegan material with a leather-like feel. It also holds up better than leather and is waterproof. 

Do you make leashes in custom colors / with different clasps, etc?

We do not offer customization at this time as it would not be cost-effective for us. 

 Are all of the products handmade? 

Every single item in the shop is made from start to finish by a one-woman show starring myself, Jenna!